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My Erotica

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About this blog

This is my first time posting my writings for others to read.  I do not claim to be a professional writer, I am simply writing a fantasy out.  This is a fictional story created on my fantasies.


Hope you enjoy and looking forward for constructive criticism... and be kind. 


Entries in this blog


My First Time, a Night to Remember

I was sitting at the bar, the night was still early and there weren't many people around.  The bartender had come up to me and asked, what I would be having to drink.  I order honey and coke.  I was enjoying my drink and casually looking around, since it was the first time I had been to a bar in years.  I was about 3 drinks, the bar was getting crowded when all of a sudden I spotted a ray of light moving across to the bar like a helicopter search light illuminating the ground.  She come to a pause on the other side of the bar.  There she was, blonde hair, blue eyed beauty, wearing a sexy tight short red dress.  In minutes the vultures began to circulate her like a wounded gazelle.  One by one they all dove trying to get a piece of her, yet she fended each one off.  I was sitting back thinking to myself, if she fended of these men, what were my chances.  Looking at them, some had better physique than I, some were better looking, and I am just the “average joe”.  Then a few minutes later, she looked  n my direction and smiled, for a second I froze like a deer in the headlights.  I smiled back but then turn both directions to see if that smile was intended my way.  I saw that she chuckled from afar.  Seeing that I had made her chuckle, I would take the opportunity and buy her a drink. So I called the bartender over and asked him to give her another drink of what she was having and to put it on my tab.  The bartender walked in her direction, made her the drink and handed it to her.  She has said something to him and he pointed in my direction, feeling nervous I turned the other was as if someone had just called out for me.  Moments later I felt someone place their hand on my shoulder and the touch sent shockwaves through my body.  The music playing loud, she came close to my ear and said “thank you for my drink”.  I could feel her breathe on my ear tingling every sensation in my body.  I turned her direction and respond, “You are very much welcome.  I figured you might need another drink to help you relax from all those vultures.”  She laughed and responded, “Yeah thanks.  I am Annel by the way”.  I introduced myself and we began to talk and share some laughs.  I told her how I was in town for business and it was my first time in a bar scene in many years.  We continued to talk and being ordering shots as well.  From that point forth, the whole night was her and I.  We would hit the dance floor, dance for a bit and get more drinks.  We were coming up to the time when it was for the bar to close for the night.


We were standing outside in the cold waiting for a cab to arrive.  One showed up and as I gentlemen I told her she could take it and I would wait for the next one, she offered to share the cab and we both jump right in.  I gave the driver the name of my hotel.  In the meantime we are sitting in the back talking and laughing.  We pull up to my destination.  I opened the door, pay the cab driver and suddenly she gets off as well.  She came close to my ear and whispered, “I need to show my appreciation for all those drinks you got me” and bites my ear.  We walked in the hotel, we make it to the room, and I immediately sat on the bed.  She turned off the lights in the room but the lights from the outside were coming in from the window, giving the room a nice dimmed setting.  I am sitting on the foot of the, many things were racing through my mind; guilt, pleasure, fear, and excitement.  She dropped her dress and underneath she was wearing a violet corset. She gracefully walks to me and climbs on me.  I looked into her blue eyes and we began to passionately kiss, her voluminous lips against mine feeling her warm saliva from her tongue.  I worked my lips down to her neck as I kissed and nibbled on her neck moving my way down to her perky breast.  My tongue circled her areola then my lips wrapped her nipple.  I began to suck, nibble, and bite while my tongue slowly massages the nipple.  All of a sudden I felt a bulge against mine.  I was stunned by that feeling, I jolted back.  She tells me, “It’s okay, I am a bottom.  I’m just really turned on.”  I responded, “I have never been with a…” when she interrupts, “Don’t worry, I will take good care of you.  Just lay back and relax.”  She got off me, unzips my pants and pulled them off and got on her knees.  She then grabbed my cock with a firm grip and began to kiss it.  I could feel her warm mouth wrapped around my hard cock while she caressed it with her tongue while slowly moving her hand up and down.  She pushed me to the point of ejaculation and then stopped.  She stood up, and said “see baby, I knew you would like it.”  She had me dripping wet from almost making me burst.  She then got on top of me again, pulled her cock out and began to rub it against mine.  Both of our juices were making it a slippery grab, so she used both hands to grab hold of our cocks and rubs them together  There she was stroking them up and down, squeezing them tight together.  Then she said, “I want to ride it.”  She jumped off and grabbed her purse, pulling out a condom and some lube.  Then began to suck on my cock again, I could feel my cock deep in her throat as they touched her tonsils, she pulled it out of her mouth and muttered, “I love the taste of your cock”.  She then put the condom on me and lubed my cock and leaped on top.  The feeling of her pussy’s tight grip took me to ecstasy.  She slowly began to thrust her pelvis, grinding my cock deep in her ass, back and forth.  I placed my hand on her hips, as she thrust forward, I pushed upwards.  With every push forward I gave, she shouted and moaned, “oh yes baby, more”.  When all of a sudden I felt lava flowing on my belly that was pouring from her volcano.  She said, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t hold it any longer.”  Slowly she climbs off while her body was going through convulsions and laid on the bed face down.  I got up and got on top of her, I placed my hands on her apple bottom ass and spread her cheeks.  I slowly inserted my cock in her pussy.  I could feel her shaking as it went in.  I then started rubbing on her ass.  Slowly working my hands up her lower back to her shoulders all while slowly moving back and forth, sliding my cock in and out.  Then I placed my hands on her hips and pull her up, I know had her on all fours.  I began to pound her pussy, blow by blow, as I was getting close to climaxing she yelled, “oh gawd, I’m cuming again.”  Hearing her shout those words, I exploded.  I could feel cum rushing out of my cock into the condom.  With every release I could feel her ass squeezing tight, and with every squeeze I could feel more coming out.  She then pulled forward, turned around an removed my condom.  She started to lick the remaining cum from when she released on my belly from earlier, as she worked her way to my cock.  I fell back on the bed and she began to suck my cock cleaning every drop.  As I was laying I could see out of the window as the sun began to rise on the horizon.  She then got up, thanked me for the drinks pulled her red dress on.  She started to walk to the door when I yelled, "why out of everyone in the bar, you came to me".  She opened the door, she turned back and said "well baby, because I could tell you were new and I could see that need in your eyes".  She winked and blew me a kiss, then closed the door behind her.

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