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Bedrock of Society




I'm so grateful to have found the sisterhood, brotherhood and otherhood in this cd/tgirl etc. community as well as the lgbtq community overall. I'm especially grateful for those who've gone before and are well on their paths of awareness. We are not all the same, but there's so much cross over as to make identification easier when you're seeking it. I'm seeking it. The paths are broader because of those who've gone before.

I'm constantly amazed at what the trailblazers endured when you consider how easily we are still being manipulated; the sheer arbitrary nature of the gender norm paradigms. Some have, at long last, been toppled, but at least we can stand firm and agree on those which the bedrock of society have always stood, like:

BLUE for BOYS, PINK for GIRLS. AM I RIGHT??? Wait, what?!? In only the year 1900 (just over 100 years ago) it was pink for boys because pink was thought to be the bold color, and for hundreds of years blue was associated with the Virgin Mary and considered the weaker feminine color, so blue for girls. It was only in 1940 that it became blue for boys and pink for girls. What great event of moment brought this decision about? The fashion industry simply decided it for reasons known only to them, not unlike today, thus insuring that your son would soundly get his ass kicked for wearing pink to school for the next 70 years. Ain't that something?



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