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Thursday's With Renee




A few people are aware of my motivation for creating Temptation Tuesday.  My hope was to create an event where I could meet nice guys, and then play with them in a private setting at a later date for more intimate times. Unfortunately, I have had limited ability to host outside of my Temptation Tuesday events. Therefore, even though my parties have grown over the past few years, my opportunities to have individual play time has remained limited.  This has actually been a source of great frustration for me in all honesty.  I love my girlfriends who all have a life geared where they can host at home after work, and on weekends. That has not been my situation up to recently.

However, I am attempting to make a change.  I hope to be able to host nice guys at least once a week. It is a dream come true.  I realize I'm not alone. I talk with many girls who thank me for starting the Temptation Tuesday parties, because like me, it gives them and outlet for dressing, socializing, and if the mood hits, inviting a nice guy for a little adult fun.

I am hoping to start a personal weekly or bi-monthly play day on Thursday or Thursday nights.   This may be a strange blog post, but this is a hook-up site, and I have learned that I should not be ashamed of my desires, especially since I'm not alone and many are in the same boat as me.  Honestly, I'm not looking for a boyfriend, and not looking for monogamy. If you are a non-possessive guy who would like to spend 30 minutes to an hour with me for fun once a week, hit me up here, and maybe we can do this.  With guys, I'm 90% a bottom, so plan on being the top when we meet. I'm not hung up on age or race, but if you have erectile issues, please take a viagra before you cum to see me.  This is all for fun and for free.

Hope to make some new friends, and put together my play team






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Hello, I’m new to this and very curious I always wanted to be a with a Tgirl and I think this event would help me explore my curiosity I’m interested in how it works and what I would need to do? 

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Renee I would like to see you on a Thursday you'll have to explain what you mean by 90% a bottom so there are no unfulfilled expectations. ... Thanks Randy 

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