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Miscellaneous discussions about nothing in particular and nothing of any significance.

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FareWell Club 1350

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that one of our host clubs, Club 1350 in Wilmington, California has been sold, and the new owners will not be maintaining the club as an adult sex spa. We had been advised that the club had fought many battles with the local authorities to keep the site open, and in light of the indefinite closure of the facility due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the decision was made to liquidate the property.  Consequently, Temptation Tuesday will no longer be hosted at Club 1350.

Gigi and I have many fond memories of the parties that we hosted at Club 1350.  We hosted Temptation Tuesday parties at this location from September 2016 until our last party on March 10 of this year.  When we first started at Club 1350, we were very hesitant because we were increasing our parties from one a month to two per month, and moving into a new location.  To our surprise the number of people attending our Tuesday afternoon parties increased beyond our wildest imaginations

We will always be grateful to the on-site staff of Club 1350 who supported us, Lee, Miquel, Phil, and Courtano.  Without their help, our parties would not have been successful. We are even more grateful for those of you who joined us, and made Temptation Tuesday a truly exciting event each and every party.  You, our guests, were the reason Temptation Tuesday was a success. 

Although Club 1350 is closed, the Midtowne Spa in downtown Los Angeles will re-open as soon as the governmental authorities grant permission.  We intend to continue our Temptation Tuesday afternoon parties, and Pleasure Palace night time parties at the MidTowne Spa as soon as we can re-open

Everyday we learn that nothing is permanent, so we should enjoy the good things in life while we have them.

All the best,




Parties Suspended Temporarily

Temptation Tuesday will be suspended for the time being in light of the National Emergency declared by our President, and the directive from the Governor of California that groups of more than 250 refrain from gathering together.  Although, I know our events usually do not exceed 250 guests, the nature of our events are such that we at Temptation Tuesday Productions can't, in good conscious, promote an event with such close intimate contact and for which there is no known preventative methods other than maintaining a distance of six feet between participants.  Unfortunately, given the trajectory of the disease in Europe, and the likely trajectory here in the United States, the decision about whether to have the event may not be ours shortly.

However, we at Temptation Tuesday wanted to post this notice and encourage all of our guests and friends to be mindful that even though you may be young and healthy, many of us have loved ones who are elderly or otherwise at increased risk for severe complications from Covid19.

The purpose of Temptation Tuesday Production events is to create a safe space for TGirls, Cross-Dressers and gender non-conforming individuals and those who love them to meet, greet, and engage in safe consensual adult play in a safe, legal, and controlled space. We are grateful and appreciative for the hundreds, if not thousands, of guests who have enjoyed our parties over the past 5 years.  Temptation Tuesday has been one of the most socially, spiritually, and emotionally rewarding ventures both Gigi and I have ever undertaken.  We have both developed close friends through the parties, and dare I say it, we love each and every one of you.  We would be devastated if any one of you, or your family, suffered a grave illness or loss due your attendance at one of our events.

The Covid19 virus is fundamentally different from most sexually transmittable diseases.  Most of such things can be prevented by consistent adherence to safe sex principles including the use of condoms, and taking PREP,medication.  Unfortunately, there is no prophylactic for Covid19.  Given that fact, the safe space of Temptation Tuesday becomes a very unsafe space in this environment  

 We hope and pray that this period of health insecurity will pass quickly.  The more we all practice taking care of ourselves through good hygiene and social distancing in the short run, the sooner we all can get back to enjoying what we enjoy.

Love you all,

Renee and Gig


Why I Do What I Do

As usual, your hostess/admin has been derelict on her duties of posting a regular blog on the website.  I have been reflecting on the many challenges of being in the T World, the struggles I, and many others, have about whether to stay here, or try to leave it all behind, the worries about being "outed" to the straight world about either or both being a Trans Girl, and being into group sex.   

When I have my doubts I have to go all the way back to the foundational question: "Why Do I Do What I Do?"

This question often haunted me when I was younger. I was a serious chaser of TGirls before I accepted that I myself was Transgender.  I could not understand why I wanted to be around transwomen all the time, why the only porn I was interested in was Trans porn, why I was obsessed with reading all the academic research I could find about the transgender community, and why my ultimate fantasy was to walk hand in hand with my trans lover on a sunny white sand beach with crystal clear waters to the horizon and a warm breeze blowing on our skin.  Why? 

Almost powerless over my actions, I found myself going to every TGirl bar and club I could find; driving my TGirl friends all over town for various errands; renting apartments for my trans girlfriends; and generally making my whole life about participation in the TGirl world...but at the same time, desperately trying to keep it a secret from my family, friends, and co-workers. 

Then, one day it hit me.  I was a chaser, but I WAS CHASING MYSELF.  The moment of self-revelation was astounding. I suddenly realized that my affinity for TGirls was an affinity for myself, my interest in TGirl porn was an interest in seeing myself as the girl in the video, my desire to go to TGirl bars was a desire to study the girls to learn how i could be just like them. I discovered I was a girl.

And when I recall my confusion, lostness, and sense of isolation, that is when I remember Why I Do What I Do with Temptation Tuesday. I do Temptation Tuesday to help both other girls and admirers learn acceptance for themselves. I have tried to make Temptation Tuesday a safe space for TGirls/CD's and admirers to meet, greet, and play, but the fundamental purpose is to allow a safe place for each of us whether TGirl, CD, admirers, or someone in-between, to come out and see that life can be both good and real in the T World.

That is why I do what I do.

Your hostess,



In Relationship, But Want To Play

(Previously posted in Renee's Relationship Roundtable)

I often get an enquiry from an admirer(or part-time CD girl) asking what they should do since they are in a committed relationship, but still feel attracted to our Transgender world, and specifically our Transgender Adult Play World (Please note: The Trans World, and the Transgender Adult Play world are different communities with the larger Trans World being a microcosm of the overall world)

I sent this brief response to one admirer who was very conflicted about his participation in our Transgender Adult Play World.

"I understand your dilemma.  If your relationship is serious and your partner does not approve of outside play, I would suggest you attempt to refrain from our community.  If it is a new relationship, or not so serious, I would encourage you to explore our world.  However, please bear in mind, it is difficult to obtain a serious relationship in our T World, and if that is what you desire, you may want to stay were you are...I would suggest you do some writing and meditating on what you really want, and then seek social and spiritual support to affirm your true desires. I know many people who after exploring our world realized the comfort, certainty, security and warmth of a monogamous relationship with one other person (typically female) was their preferred life aspiration, and others who decided they preferred the T World with the inherent ambiguities and insecurities that come with a non-monogamous lifestyle.'

I know some people say glib things to people in committed relationships about attending play parties..."just do it",  "grow a pair, and have fun", "Your wife's a bitch anyway", but from personal experience I'm aware of the emotional distress it can cause a person to go out and play one afternoon, then return home to wife and kids and come up with an excuse for why the gas tank is only 1/4 full. Therefore, I always encourage individuals in this situation to think about what they really want, and act accordingly. This is not a judgment, rather I think this is the key to personal happiness. I have found that when I act according to what I truly aspire to have for my life (irrespective of what others say should be my aspiration),  then I'm happier even if other people in my life don't quite see things the same way.  Also, getting clear on my aspirations allows me to communicate with others in a way that is both honest and self preserving, so that I don't lull people into a relationship with me based on a false understanding of what works for me.


A Christmas Wish!

It may seem strange to post a Christmas wish on a website dedicated to adult play, but my understanding of this holiday is somewhat different than most.  First, I consider Christmas Day to symbolize the  birth of hope.  Hope that fear and shame would disappear. Hope that all people can walk in the sunlight of the spirit regardless of where they come from and who they choose to love and play with.  Hope that one day all people will recognize and act on the premise that we are all sisters and brothers, and share a common humanity.

Christmas day to me also represents that their is grace in the world. All the mistakes, errors, misjudgments and hurt feelings that I may have made can be resolved, forgiven, and overcome.   The Birth of Hope means that i can know that their is nothing I have done that can't be made right.

Finally, the birth of hope represents the birth of compassion.  When I see that I have been given the gift of forgiveness of errors, I can forgive others and understand others. I can have compassion for all my fellows, knowing that they are just like me...imperfectly perfect in everyway.

Christmas to me represents the fruition of  the  two great commandments...Love Your Higher Power with all your mind, body and soul, and Love Your Neighbor as yourself.

Merry Christmas



Thursday's With Renee

A few people are aware of my motivation for creating Temptation Tuesday.  My hope was to create an event where I could meet nice guys, and then play with them in a private setting at a later date for more intimate times. Unfortunately, I have had limited ability to host outside of my Temptation Tuesday events. Therefore, even though my parties have grown over the past few years, my opportunities to have individual play time has remained limited.  This has actually been a source of great frustration for me in all honesty.  I love my girlfriends who all have a life geared where they can host at home after work, and on weekends. That has not been my situation up to recently.

However, I am attempting to make a change.  I hope to be able to host nice guys at least once a week. It is a dream come true.  I realize I'm not alone. I talk with many girls who thank me for starting the Temptation Tuesday parties, because like me, it gives them and outlet for dressing, socializing, and if the mood hits, inviting a nice guy for a little adult fun.

I am hoping to start a personal weekly or bi-monthly play day on Thursday or Thursday nights.   This may be a strange blog post, but this is a hook-up site, and I have learned that I should not be ashamed of my desires, especially since I'm not alone and many are in the same boat as me.  Honestly, I'm not looking for a boyfriend, and not looking for monogamy. If you are a non-possessive guy who would like to spend 30 minutes to an hour with me for fun once a week, hit me up here, and maybe we can do this.  With guys, I'm 90% a bottom, so plan on being the top when we meet. I'm not hung up on age or race, but if you have erectile issues, please take a viagra before you cum to see me.  This is all for fun and for free.

Hope to make some new friends, and put together my play team





God Bless The Child

Mama may have, and papa may have; God Bless the Child that’s got his own” Billie Halliday

I was an only child for the first 10 years of my life, and then late in life as my parents divorced, and remarried, I was surrounded by virtual tribe of siblings for whom I was the eldest, and the one who was held up to her younger siblings as the model for behavior (I was actually a pretty good kid). There was a time when my mother went through a second divorce and with 3 kids and limited resources, began to lean on me for emotional support that probably no child should have had to give her mother.  That being said,  she weathered the storm, and I was a good child.  I learned a lesson from that experience which was that with family we were all in the same boat together, and whether we sank or swam depended on each member playing his/her part. Now at that time, my youngest siblings were 2 and 4 respectively, I was 13, and my mom was the breadwinner.  Getting a paper route, and being responsible for getting my siblings to daycare as I went to school was my job, my mom did the rest.  I realize my whole life I have been blessed and burdened by this team/shared responsibility, and shared benefits outlook. 

As I have gotten older, I have learned that not everyone sees the world this way, especially when it comes to friendships.  I have always generously shared my friendships, relationships, and contacts with people I felt were my friends.  If you were my friend, you could basically have my complete friendship phone book, or would soon have it because I would introduce you to all my friends, and they would then become your friends.  It has taken me a long, long time to accept that many, if not most, people, are not so generous with their friends.

Similarly, in the sex play world, I have discovered that there are plenty of girls who will gladly play with all your play partners, but never introduce you to theirs. This is a relatively new discovery for me, and a gay boy said the term in the gay world is “selfish bottom”. I always assumed that if I invited a girl to my house, and I had a sex party and I invited 3 guys, that they would invite one or two guys as well.  You don’t know the number of times I have attempted to organize a play party, and invited a girl, and she says ‘I don’t know any guys”, or “I don’t know how to get any guys”. Even though they are regulars in the sex play world, and have a smart phone full of sex contacts.  Actually, what they are saying is ”I don’t want to share any guys”.  It has taken me a long time to figure that out.

Although this girl may not be the sharpest tool in the woodshed, once she learns something, she learns it.

Happy Playing everyone, and remember…God Bless The Child Who Has Her Own Play Partners.




No Strings Attached/Drama Free

I realized I haven't posted a blog in a while, and not really sure what I'm going to write, but lately the concepts of "No Strings Attached" and "Drama Free" have been on my mind. I often see ads on the various hook-up sites where a person is looking for a No Strings Attached hook-up and claims that either they are Drama Free, or are looking for someone who is drama free.

I have always understood the concept of no strings attached as meaning that there is no further obligation in the encounter beyond the particular hook-up on that day, and if the participants enjoy each other enough, they may continue to hook up, but beyond the hook up there is no further necessity for planning for the future, obligations to go out to dinner or a movie, and certainly no financial obligation (Pay for play by definition means no strings attached after the payment and play). However, that being said, my experience is that many people who say 'No strings attached" often have certain unstated expectations, and in fact NSA, in my opinion, does not relieve one of the obligation of common courtesy, i.e. calling/texting if you are going to be late or a no-show; or letting an admirer know if you are hosting several guys, so they can decide to join or wait for one on one.  As in in all things, there is no such thing as a free lunch, most NSA interactions happen either at someones home or a motel. One should always be cognizant that you have been invited into someone's home for a round of fun sex, and you should treat that persons home with respect and courtesy, and when you finish, be kind...so many guys basically cum, wipe their dicks off on the curtains, and run out the door.  Although most girls will not invite those types back, many of these types of admirers wonder why they don't get a second shot, and it is because this unstated expectation of common courtesy is not met.

The concept of Drama Free is a whole different animal, but basically many people just want a hook-up to be a hook-up; they don't want know you lost your job, they don't want to hear your kids are flunking out of school, they don't want to hear your wife won't give you a blow job, and certainly they don't want to argue about why you didn't have time to see them last week.   Although most people have some interest in humanizing their play partners, and therefore conversations about personal matters are appropriate in "drama free" interactions, these conversations sometimes have a tendency to veer in the wrong directions and go south, if one of the participants happens to say the wrong response.  Secondly, unmet expectations are one of the biggest causes of drama.  For example, many people get upset if they have an interaction, and then send a follow up text, and the play partner doesn't respond.  A drama free person simply accepts that the other party is not in physical, emotional, or spiritual place to have further interaction, and leaves it alone.  Drama is created when the person texts a week later for a follow up hook-up and the party says "why didn't you respond to my text last week?"  Immediately, the non-responding party is put on the defensive, and a mini drama unfolds.  The secret to drama free is to have no expectation beyond having a good time on that day.

In short, NSA and Drama Free are two watch words people often post in ads, but if you respond to such ads, or post such ads, understand the rules, and you will have no limit to the number of NSA and Drama Free play partners knocking at your door.

All the best,






Catching Feelings/Avoiding Expectations

I recently had an experience, and I had to really check myself.  I invited a couple of friends on a trip, and since I had extra space, it didn't cost me anything, and they were able to go for free.  There are times when I do things without the expectation of anything in return. Usually when I invite a travelling companion along for a trip, I have no expectations...I'm inviting them because in all candor, I really don't like doing anything alone. Although, I'm pretty much a loner, I like doing activities, fishing, hiking, snow skiing, gambling, and sex with others, ergo...Temptation Tuesday.  So, actually on almost all trips except for with family, my companions are in the truest since...escorts...people who are coming along just to keep me company without any further expectation.  

However, this last trip, I found myself having an "expectation".  The expectation was that if my travelling companion came across something fun, they would invite me, like I had invited them.  Therefore, I had set myself up for disappointment. The day after I returned from my trip, my travelling companion proceeded to get invited to a series of parties and outings.  They did not invite me, or even tell me they were invited.  With most people this doesn't bother me...what someone does when I'm not around is their own business. But for some reason, this person not even thinking to invite me the next day after we returned from a trip, really got to me.

Lesson learned....either pick your travelling companions better, or make sure you only travel with people who you are ok with "out of site, out of mind".



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