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Parties Suspended Temporarily




Temptation Tuesday will be suspended for the time being in light of the National Emergency declared by our President, and the directive from the Governor of California that groups of more than 250 refrain from gathering together.  Although, I know our events usually do not exceed 250 guests, the nature of our events are such that we at Temptation Tuesday Productions can't, in good conscious, promote an event with such close intimate contact and for which there is no known preventative methods other than maintaining a distance of six feet between participants.  Unfortunately, given the trajectory of the disease in Europe, and the likely trajectory here in the United States, the decision about whether to have the event may not be ours shortly.

However, we at Temptation Tuesday wanted to post this notice and encourage all of our guests and friends to be mindful that even though you may be young and healthy, many of us have loved ones who are elderly or otherwise at increased risk for severe complications from Covid19.

The purpose of Temptation Tuesday Production events is to create a safe space for TGirls, Cross-Dressers and gender non-conforming individuals and those who love them to meet, greet, and engage in safe consensual adult play in a safe, legal, and controlled space. We are grateful and appreciative for the hundreds, if not thousands, of guests who have enjoyed our parties over the past 5 years.  Temptation Tuesday has been one of the most socially, spiritually, and emotionally rewarding ventures both Gigi and I have ever undertaken.  We have both developed close friends through the parties, and dare I say it, we love each and every one of you.  We would be devastated if any one of you, or your family, suffered a grave illness or loss due your attendance at one of our events.

The Covid19 virus is fundamentally different from most sexually transmittable diseases.  Most of such things can be prevented by consistent adherence to safe sex principles including the use of condoms, and taking PREP,medication.  Unfortunately, there is no prophylactic for Covid19.  Given that fact, the safe space of Temptation Tuesday becomes a very unsafe space in this environment  

 We hope and pray that this period of health insecurity will pass quickly.  The more we all practice taking care of ourselves through good hygiene and social distancing in the short run, the sooner we all can get back to enjoying what we enjoy.

Love you all,

Renee and Gig


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I’m glad everyone is being responsible, but I am sad That I won’t be able to admire all the sexy girls for a while! But good things come to those who wait! 

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