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What a DaZe!!!




What's on my mind is bliss bliSs BLISS!!! I sort of dreamily remember Renee getting a kick out of passing by me at Temptation Tuesday yesterday and laughing because I was all giggles and goofy (maybe even drooling) from just having the idiot, dreamy, stupids fucked into me from increasingly larger and more whopping cocks, for, ohhh, the 3rd or 8th time, I honestly don't know (unapologetic slut). I have no expectations, but this was a day for the books, in my, er, book. The day didn't begin this way either. Quite the opposite, in fact. My good friend Victoria pointed out that the day did pick up later, but I was just out of sorts early, and feeling low because of some family issues. My first thirty minutes I tried to play and just wasn't into it at all, figured this was just not going to be a good day for me. Was in the gang bang room with guys approaching and touching, and for the first time since I've started doing this, I rejected even the touch, the approach. I'm personally generally against being that way towards the guys [I'll blog on this topic some day]. When I found myself being snippy for the first time in my 6 months of doing this, the problem was me. I got up and left, went to my room to decide whether to go home or not.

Nah! I just needed to chill. Catch my breath from the hour long morning traffix. The whole dressing and makeup fun??? Argghh!!! Fun:(9_9

Then it began. A whirlwind. The breath I caught earlier was lost....again and again. Friend after friend met me walking right out of my room and walked me right back in it again. Or just after i'd readjusted my hair and (you remember when women used to powder their faces in the powder room?) when I did that thing, BOOM, another friend would grab me and fuck it all up again. As I mentioned, a few of these friends are right at the largest cowboys I've ever had pleasure.....     What do they say? The difference between oooh! and aaaah! is what?

Bout 3 inches.

I could not be more thankful and truly astonished to have come to a point like this on this journey. These were lifestyle friends that I've accrued in the short time since Renee welcomed me and helped me up to speed in this wonderful way of life. As I said, I have no expectations, but may the stars align for you, as they did for me this day, sister, to have one of these daZe, or of that particular something(s) that blows YOUR heels off. Visualize it.

So, should you happen to see Asha hanging her head or grumbling about an event in the future, I hereby give permission for all who've kindly taken time to read "What a DaZe", to remind her of it.     



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